Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amanda hates cyclists

Amanda says "I personally think if you cant pedal the speed limit, you have no business being on the road. Stick to roads with bike lanes, otherwise speed up, or move over. Riding on the line drives me nuts. I refuse to move. I won't move over or change lanes. You want to ride on the road on a bike, your willing to risk your life like that, i'm not gonna stress it either then."

Regardless of how badly Amanda's writing degenerates towards the end of her confusing little diatribe, one remains confused by this paragraph. She says that she refuses to move over for cyclists who are going slower than the posted speed limit. So what does she do when she approaches motorists who drive slower than the speed limit? Just rear end them as if she can neatly tuck them under her tires like she can a cyclist? Or scrape along the offending vehicle's side, ruining the paint on her own vehicle in the process?

Fortunately, the law is not on Amanda's side.

Thanks for the laugh, though, Amanda!

1 comment:

  1. So you like to laugh? Please join me as I laugh as I have never laughed before when I read of DRUG enhanced exibitionists in the 'Tour De Wanke' receiving punctures due to tacks on the road.
    Well, as they say you can't help bad luck. Accidents happen. (Heh-Heh)
    So laugh ON Laughing boy as I look forward to more 'Thrills and Spills' next year!