Tuesday, October 13, 2009

jloverby hates her husband


In a discussion about cyclists, jloverby writes, "It is maddening.   There are like massive groups of them everywhere.  I was just talking to my husband about it and he is a cyclist and he agrees that many (in this area) are inconsiderate and act like they are entitled to do anything they want regardless of what the rules are supposed to be.  I understand that everyone has a right to the road and all that but the cyclists need to follow the rules and be considerate as do motorists and pedestrians."

Ok, wait, let me get this straight. "Cyclists" are "maddening" and "need to follow the rules and be considerate as do motorists and pedestrians." And this woman's husband is a cyclist? So, she's saying that her cyclist husband is inconsiderate? This is interesting because her husband, who is a cyclist, says that *many* cyclists *in the area* are inconsiderate. Then she says *cyclists* need to be considerate.

jloverby, I'm confused. Of course cyclists need to follow the rules. So do motorists and pedestrians. So do football players and accountants. This really doesn't seem to be worth stating. Unless you're pointing out specifically that cyclists need to follow the rules just to make the point that cyclists don't. Which would be a lie.

As your husband said, jloverby, many cyclists in your area are inconsiderate. Not "cyclists" in general. From now on, let your husband do your writing for you. He's like smarter than you and all that.

But thanks for the laughs!


  1. I watched with great joy the driver who ran over the cyclists in Brazil after scaring the driver and his son in the car..
    We have moved from the centre of Bristol to escape the dangerous cyclists in town. I feel isn't safe any more for normal pedestrians let alone my children. Even out in the suburbs we are not safe from the selfish and dangerous behaviour especially whenBristol and District Triatholon club (BAD) are about riding in packs deliberately blocking the road or side by side on a dual carriage way, the A370, where speeds can be up to 70 mph..
    The centre of Bristol is a pedestrian nightmare, my wife having been punched in the face by a pavment cyclist because she wouldn't get out of the way. The worst behaviour came from John Grimshaw of Sustrans fame, cycling on the pavement forcing my 6 months pregnant wife to jump out of the way. You have to consider that this man is 6'6 or 6'7 so if he had hit her she could have lost our twins; it was bad enough having to help her up and make sure she was ok.
    There are to many other incedences to mention.
    So I hope the Brazilian killed some of those selfish bastards

  2. Anonymous, you have black, black soul. I hope your troubled mind finds peace eventually.

    I also hope, for their sake, that neither of your twins ever wants to ride a bicycle. What terrible wrath those innocent children will suffer should they ever throw an admiring glance toward a two-wheeled human-powered vehicle.

    You're glad to see a motorist try to kill cyclists in Brazil because some jerks in the UK have endangered you while they were on a bicycle. Have you or wife ever driven a car? I wonder if any of the cyclists who endangered you were doing the right thing by try to run down motorists because motorists in a different country had endangered cyclists in the past.

    Please, for your family's and your nation's sake, don't pass your illogical hatred on to your children.

  3. Hold on, now that I think about it, a motorist killed my friend's dog. So, by your logic, Anonymous, motorists deserve to be killed. So those cyclists that punched and almost hit your family were in the right!

  4. perhaps the owner of the dog shuold have taken more care about training his dog and not let it run wild in the street. Pitbulls are banned any way. My logic is perfect, stop being so selfish. As we can see, if we were all selfless we wouldn't have MPs fiddling their expenses. Of course I have a black soul, it's been twisted by the deeds of others.

  5. I don't hate cyclists. I found a cure. Whenever one that jumps a red light crosses my path, I stick my umbrella between their spokes. It's hugely satisfying. And there's nothing they can say. All they can do is fume. Which makes me laugh even more. It ususally takes them a few days to get their bikes repaired. And guess what? They don't jump red lights any more. I am almost sad about that.

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