Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tallulahlula hates cyclists

This week we have a particularly vitriolic example of the kind of person who uses flagrant over-generalization as an excuse to be full of rage.

On a discussion forum at, McDirts wrote "Cyclists, why do you hate other cyclists?"

Tallulahlula replied:

"I’m not a cyclist but I fucking hate cyclists anyway.
Pious, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, self-obsessed, dangerous, thoughtless, stupid, ignorant ARSEHOLES. Learn the Highway Code – certainly do your Cycling Proficiency Test – and stop causing so many accidents.

And I really really REALLY don’t give a fuck how ‘environmentally considerate’ you are; do what you effing well like, I just don’t want to hear about it, see you or have to dodge out of the way of you whilst you’re flouting the rules of the road at my peril.

I had a very bad weekend, incidentally."

Now, I'm not particularly prone to breaking the law as I ride my bicycle. I do tend to choose the safer of the road or the sidewalk, and I do sometimes ride from the road onto the sidewalk or vice versa, in the middle or my trip. And I may even do this to take a shortcut. But I don't do it in violation of any traveller's right of way, and I always do it safely.

But this person sure makes me want to take up law breaking! Does this person really have proof that a cyclist he or she sees breaking the law is "sanctimonious"? And how does breaking the law make someone pious?

Thanks for the laughs, Tallulahlula.


  1. babe loyd is a fatass, unhealthy mutherfucker who prolly cant ride a bike. why do you hate cyclist, because your jealous. your unfit, unhealthy, old, disabled, whatever. get on a bike, youll find you might actually be happy for once in life.

  2. I hear you, "Anonymous"! Stick it to cyclist-haters!

    However, "Anonymous", I'm actually a very enthusiastic cyclist. This purpose of this site is to mock cyclist-haters.

    But, after seeing your fire and chutzpah, I'm glad we're on the same side!

  3. Please demolish this site too..