Saturday, February 13, 2010

Todd Grooms hates cyclists

A man in Durango, Colorado was arrested "on suspicion of using his white Dodge pickup to run cyclists off the road".

According to this new article, "Grooms apparently became upset that cyclists were taking up too much of the road, so he yelled at them, drove within 6 inches of them and gunned his truck toward them.

"In one instance, Grooms stopped his truck in the middle of the road, exited his vehicle and confronted a group of cyclists. He had a sidearm holstered to his waist.

"Grooms eventually drove away, but he passed the cyclists a second time and made an obscene gesture.
No one was injured during any of the incidents, but several cyclists feared for their safety and were forced off the road along a 10-mile stretch of roadway"

It's worth noting that "Grooms suffers from a mental condition that requires medication, but he was not on the medication at the time of the incident." Why is that worth nothing? Because most other cyclist-haters make no such claim, and yet still act like this man, who has a mental disorder and hasn't taken his medication.


  1. I wonder if the woman who tried to ram me with her car (while I was in the bike lane) was off her medication, too... Maybe the mental illness is just a North American sense of entitlement (due to too much consumption, immediate gratification, and dependence on unsustainable modes of transportation).

  2. Yes that must be it Catherine. Wow, you are so, so, so funny! You should be a comedian.
    And how ironic that an etire website has been set up based on feelings of hatred toward motorists, with the pupose of highlighting the idiocy of some motorists feelings of hatred toward cyclists. I hope to someday be as funny and clever, and void of any shread of hypocracy in my nature, as the creators of this site are.

  3. As a resident in the town this occurred in, I must comment. I will move over and give a bicyclist as much room as I possibly can. HOWEVER since we live in a mountainous region, there are bends in the road that you can not see around. I think it is absolutely rude, inconsiderate and most of all dangerous to ride two or more abreast on the Highway. I have a family and would absolutely NOT get into a head on collision with another car due to a bicyclist's sense of entitlement, I am sure that the person on the bicycle realizes that they are more likely to be hit and killed than a car swerving around them on a mountain road and endangering the lives of their family members. It's common sense, really.

  4. Dang! I hate it when people point out that I am a hypocrate. It's true, I'm not very braght, and I'm isecure about it, so my favorate thing to do is definately to accuse people of doing things that I'm guilty of doing.

    I have no defese agaist this kid of attick. So, I'll just do a lil jig! [singing softly to myself while concentrating on correctly executing the steps of totally silly dance]

  5. Wait, the cyclists have a sense of entitlement? But you are openly displaying the fact that you feel entitled to drive at speeds that endanger cyclists. That seems like entitlement to me! If the cyclists are taking up the whole lane, why can't you just drive behind them? Because you feel entitled to a certain minimum speed, right?

    Welcome, fellow hypocrate!

  6. Its not like the guy killed anyone. With a bit of luck he'll have scared some cyclists into riding with consideration.

  7. Ha ha! Of course! It's totally fine and dandy as long as nobody *dies*. You make a great point. Why are we pouring all this money into our bogus police-and-court-oriented justice system, when we should really just be scaring each other into behaving appropriately?

    With a bit of luck, someone will break into your house at night and hold a knife to your throat to "scare" a little sense you too, my lucid little friend. All the best to you!

  8. Babe Lloyd, you are an idiot.

  9. Using a vehicle to intimidate a cyclist is like a 6'5" dude intimidating an unarmed midget. What's more dangerous to you, as a motorist: another motorist disobeying the rules of the road, or a cyclist disobeying those rules?

    Only idiots use their vehicles as a way to get other motorists to obey the rules. Only assholes and psychos use their vehicles to get cyclists to obey the rules.